Roads Less Travelled

Funny...Sad...Inspiring...Intelligent. Thought provoking, but always entertaining.

Imagine you arrive on the streets of London....

with no job, no accommodation, enough money to last 2 weeks and no return ticket to Africa.  Decisions have to be made and risks taken.

Alan has started his own tennis school, been stuck in a trench in a war zone without food and water, twice been the target of a gang who hired a ”hitman” and discovered strange ways of getting jobs.  

This journey takes us from Zimbabwe to Ephesus, in Turkey.  From a dark, soulless room in London to an executive office with a view of the Thames.  From a happy, laughter filled classroom in Uruguay to a grim comedy club in Minnesota.  Lessons have been learnt from the wisdom of a starving 12 year old in Mocambique and happiness found in unusual places.

Full of surprises, humour and compassion, this is storytelling at its best.

Having lived in 8 different countries and visited over 40, Alan has collected experiences.  He claims, ”Life becomes interesting when we step outside our comfort zones.  Real learning begins when we take risks.  I have made some terrible mistakes and had some successes.  Without self-awarenss and the ability to process these lessons in life, I may just as well have stayed home in front of the television.”  He adds, ”Travel doesn’t broaden the mind.  Using your brain, being open to new experiences and being free of prejudice does.”

Alan does not lecture or patronise his audiences.  He tells stories and lets them hang there for people to take from them whatever they want.  Audiences are encouraged to engage with questions, comments and criticism.  Alan is a successful stand up comedian but claims that his natural skill lies in storytelling and ultra marathon running.